HMS Lance

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This is my project entry for Ludum Dare 21, a solo 48 hour game making competition. PLEASE CRANK YOUR SOUND UP WHEN PLAYING THIS AS I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO FIX THE QUIETNESS. The game has too long of a storyboard which required too much art, anything I do in the future will either have less art or have an artist on the team.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the ship.

If you have not already installed it you will need .net 4.0 and the XNA 4.0 redistributable to play.
Download .NET 4.0
Download XNA 4.0 Runtime

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Post Mortem:
There were 9 story screens and 1 game screen planed and after building the game and 4 screens I got so bored of drawing.
Next time less art and more game.
I was only able to commit 14 hours and I was still able to make an alright game, supper happy with my scoping not getting out of hand as I am usually really bad with that.
The musket shot stuff doesn't really make sense, I should have taken it out and used more rocks and cannon balls.
The plan was to make a couple different little games and could have fit 1 more in if I had not done as much art.
The sound and the images don't sync up in the intro movie, I should have cut the audio into parts to match the images and then synked them individually.
1440 x 900 was a good resolution to work in, except people with smaller resolutions cant play the game. Next time I'm going to look at how to build a game that can expand to full screen.

Less art.
Get a phsics engine before hand! (I rolled my own which took up about 2 hours of my time and leaves something to be desired with collision.)
Be smarter with the resolution.